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Back Pain? An effective solution!

20-04-2023 18:05

Carlo Varalda

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Back Pain? An effective solution!

The Wellback is extremely useful for the recovery of postural structures. It allows you to work on any type of problem effectively

The National Academy of Sports Medicine reports extremely significant and worrying data related to back pain.

Back pain, for about 80% of the adult population, is caused by forms of poor musculoskeletal balance.

Statistical research shows that it predominantly affects people who work indoors and perform sedentary jobs.

More than a third of the population involved has the trunk as a crucial node while 60% see the lumbar area affected.

The muscles of the body are connected and work in chain and it is along the entire kinetic chain that one must work for a good rebalancing of posture.

Exercises that treat mobility, at the joint level, are an excellent starting point for the health and balance of our body. It's not just about the spine, but all those joints closely connected with posture, shoulders, hips, ankles.

We must remember that we take about 20,000 breaths a day. The state of tension or relaxation of the diaphragm and respiratory muscles greatly affects the postural structure.

The Wellback is extremely useful for the recovery of postural structures. It allows you to work on any type of problem effectively starting from correct breathing until you find the right working angle between the trunk and lower limbs. This is possible thanks to the possibility of shifting the load more on the back or more on the legs arriving at adequately soliciting the postural rebalancing of tone and trophism of the motor chains altered by wrong arrangements due to the working position or positions assumed for prolonged periods of time.

The comfortable working position assumed on the Wellback bench allows you to concentrate only on the exercises to be performed, increasing the effects of the session and obtaining immediate benefits.

Like all work tools, you need to know how to use them and for this reason I always suggest taking specific training courses and trying first on yourself what you think might be useful to those who address the operator.

On my YouTube channel you will find the presentation video and videos will follow with the proposal of some exercises.

For more info or tests you can contact me.

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