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Balance Board WSP

22-06-2020 12:40

Carlo Varalda

Functional Evaluation,

Balance Board WSP

Today, functional assessment is the first step in planning training for both fitness / wellness and amateur / professional sportsmen.

Today, functional assessment is the first step in planning training for both fitness / wellness and amateur / professional sportsmen.
Whatever the goal, the basis on which to build the training are the proprioceptive abilities of the person / athlete.
The platform of the WSP allows to carry out, in a very short time and with immediately visible results, a test on the proprioceptive abilities.

It begins with the search / recovery of balance in bipodalic stance, it continues with the verification of balance management in the right-left and then antero-posterior movements.
This is possible by trying to hit a fixed target in the first phase, to then follow a moving target, which moves to the right or to the left, for movements on the frontal plane, and forwards and backwards, for movements on the transverse plane.

The further possibility is to carry out single-stance evaluation tests, extremely useful in cases of post-injury reactivation.
The freedom to establish the duration of the test and the degree of difficulty relative to the target make it an extremely flexible tool for all the people who want to evaluate.

By combining this test with others, and having clear the objective to be achieved, the trainer / coach will be able to carry out training programs on the WPS balance board with the aim of increasing proprioceptive abilities both for sporting purposes and for recovery from an injury or improved motor skills.
The advantage of the Balance Board WSP is the ease of transport, the low weight, the little space it requires to perform the various tests, the ease of use and the ease of understanding of the exercise by those who are subjected to the tests.

A very important aspect of this analysis system is the path, called ball, of the projection of the center of gravity on the support base. At the end of the exercise it will be possible to review the trend of the movement of the center of gravity, so as to understand the strategies used during the test and better understand which training methods to propose to increase the athlete's abilities.

Last, but certainly not least, is the possibility of combining a web cam that records, in synchronized form, the exercise so that it can also be reviewed later and compared in subsequent re-tests.
In short, a tool that cannot be missing in any functional evaluation study.

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