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Become agile and strong like a leopard

23-12-2020 08:00

Carlo Varalda

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Become agile and strong like a leopard

Improving yourself means believing in your possibilities, having a strong self-esteem, following your passions and, .....

Improving yourself means believing in your own possibilities, having a strong self-esteem, following your passions and, consequently, growing professionally.

There are several ways to grow professionally, one of them is to improve your training.

Routine and lack of time often limit the desire to expand, update or deepen one's education. This, of course, is a serious mistake, especially these days. You have no idea how quickly a lot of knowledge becomes obsolete.

Furthermore, training expands horizons, generates new opportunities and ultimately simplifies the work. To grow professionally, it is essential, for example, to read a good book.

Today I want to talk about the book "Becoming agile and strong like a leopard", the author is Kelly Starret, of which I had the pleasure and honor of editing the Italian edition.

it is a reading that I recommend to all those who want to acquire, in addition to theoretical information, also a number of practical applications, immediately usable.

Kelly Starret identifies the gym as a diagnostic center, with this statement he intends that any dysfunctional motor patterns can be highlighted not only through related movements but, also and above all, during training through the execution of strength and conditioning exercises. which involve functional movements.

We think of the inability to maintain correct mechanics of the spine during the execution of deadlifts which can be related to a restriction of the posterior flexor chain, a restriction that can be highlighted not only through a related movement, such as flexion of the hip from supine but, rather , also through a movement functional to training, competition and everyday life (when we lift an object from the ground).

In fact, the author has set himself the goal of creating, with this manual, an all-encompassing system on the subject of human movement, aimed at improving sports performance and solving problems and motor dysfunctions that are sources of performance limitations and injuries. .

At the same time Kelly Starrett wanted to provide stakeholders with the tools necessary for the improvement of mobility, for the prevention and treatment of injuries and painful syndromes. All this through an evolved and perfected system over time, and convincing in the proposal of ideas and techniques that are easy to learn, assimilate and put into practice. An exhaustive introductory section on the principles and guidelines of the project is followed by the discussion of the correct exercise techniques (squats, bends, turns, etc.) to be used and the very rich one on mobilization techniques (mobs) aimed at eliminating pain. and to improve posture; in the final part Starrett illustrates the mobility requirements intended as an optimal assembly of the mobs.

In the book we note his dual training, as a physical trainer and as a physiotherapist, which he blends in an extremely fluid way in dealing with the various topics.

The result is a book full of contents and “take home messages” useful for everyone.

Leafing through the book, one is immediately captivated by the graphics and the quality of the photos masterfully mixed by the staff of "Calzetti e Mariucci", a publishing house that has the most interesting sports titles in the Italian language in its catalog, thanks to the constant work of examining the market. sports publishing in the world.

I am fortunate to have published my books with them and edited Italian editions and technical parts of others.

On my site I have decided to include in the online shop https://www.ilabstudio.it/libri some of the books that I believe should never be missing from the library of any professional in the movement.

I will periodically continue to review other texts that I find interesting.

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